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Android app Development
Android app development

Information Systems

If you are an established company, or your client is, then it is likely that the company’s traditional backend information system needs mobile solutions that interface with the backend. With decreasing mobile device costs, and proven improved productivity, there is no reason that a company do not equip salesperson with a mobile app, a recruiter with a mobile app, the executive to view reports via mobile, etc

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User Engagement

People carry their devices everywhere. With the right strategy, a mobile app will be able to engage users and customers in a new, innovative, and meaningful way. With such mobile app for example, you can continuously connect with your users via push promotion, announce news, build community, video sharing, integrate events with their Google calendar, live streaming, etc.

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If you can build a platform whose content is user-generated, and allow users to communicate among themselves, boom it’s a definite win. Social is more than just Facebook. You can add social elements to your app, to make the app sticky. Ratings, comments, live chat, like and share, enable users to post photos. You’ll be faced with a chicken-and-egg problem initially but once you get over it, the app is most scalable.

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Mobile Commerce

Mobile apps enable companies drive new revenue. You can enable users to buy products, buy tickets, find the best painter for your house, view a paying video, post a job for a fee, download digital catalogue, walk around in a mall and view promotions nearby, grab a taxi, and various other things. Anything that you sell offline, or promote on your website, can be marketed better via a mobile app, maybe with some gamification spices 🙂


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