Fundraising for Introverts: Chosing the Right Tools and Focus for the Job

Fundraising is not for everyone. For an introvert, the amount of personal interaction required in traditional fundraising can be extremely difficult to endure. If the idea of facing all those people makes you uncomfortable, then adapting your fundraising focus and tools to better suit your personality will make your job easier and more successful.


Do Not Force Yourself

If you are uncomfortable, then chances are you are also making other people uncomfortable too. There is no one way to fundraise, and nothing says you need to be in the spotlight to be successful. If you do not feel confident making cold calls or hosting events, then you should try a different approach.


Give Your Live Events a Strong Focus

Take the spotlight off yourself by giving your live events a very specific theme – one that does not require you to play host. Interactive events, such as dinners, sports and gaming competitions can require very little input from you and still be successful.


Use an Online Approach

A mobile app designed to host and promote your fundraising platform can make spreading the word about your cause easy. It will require far less interaction from you and will reach a much broader group of donors. The right app for the right cause can keep you as far out of the limelight as you wish to be. An app can alert donors to real life events, provide information on your current needs and progress, engage volunteers and collect and process donations on your behalf. Creative fundraisers have even developed hybrid apps that engage donors as part of the event itself, such as GPS scavenger hunts.

Creative donor interaction using mobile applications that shift the focus away from you will increase your success without increasing your personal visibility. By focusing your donors on each other you can increase their engagement and enhance their experience without sacrificing your comfort.

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